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Behavior Consultation

your Goals are Our Goals

All people have patterns of behavior. Sometimes, those behaviors can unintentionally hold us back from succeeding at what we want to accomplish in life, such as building and maintaining relationships or being successful at school or employment.


Behavior Consultation is a highly personalized and adaptable service designed to support our clients in the areas that matter most to them. Services can be rendered in many different settings including at home, work, school, or in the community. 


Areas of life that our Behavior Consultants might target for improvement include:

  • Skills to gain independence, such as daily living skills, community safety, transition skills, accessing transportation, or money management

  • Creating opportunities to develop and practice social skills

  • Gaining the skills and abilities needed to access employment opportunities

  • Making sure clients can use the skills they have gained in a variety of settings

  • Maintaining behavior success throughout a client’s lifespan


Our dedicated team of Behavior Consultants have years of experience working with individuals with different abilities, and they participate in additional, specialized training for working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Contact us to set up an appointment!

What's the Partners Difference?

Our care is directed by client input at all stages...

Selecting your Behavior Consultant

We know how important it is to be comfortable with the professionals you'll be working with, so we rely on client input to make successful pairings. First, we learn what goals the client has for themselves. Then, we identify the Behavior Consultant who will be the best fit for the client. We then host a meet-and-greet in which the client can interview our recommended Behavior Consultant and discuss the goals they would like to achieve. If the client is comfortable with the pairing, they will begin meeting with their Behavior Consultant regularly to pursue the client's goals. 

Customizing your goals

We believe clients should have a clear voice in their care. From our first meeting, the care we provide centers on discussions of the goals the client wants to pursue. Goals are never prescribed without client input and engagement. Discussions of goals continue throughout care. As the client makes progress, meets their original goals, or changes the focus of their goals, we follow their growth and keep their priorities at the forefront.

Equipping Your Team

Clients never tackle goals alone. A client's behavior support team includes any individuals who are significant to them - family, friends, etc. - as well as any other service providers. By bringing everyone together, we can equip the people closest to the client in incredibly meaningful ways. We continually gather input and insight from each member of this team and provide them with training to support the client as they pursue their goals. Receiving consistent support from this team strengthens existing bonds and propels clients to even greater success.

Reliable connections

The Behavior Consultant is available to the client, the client's family, and the behavior support team 24/7 for any emergencies or questions about the behaviors being addressed. Clients also have direct access to other members of our staff if needed:

For further questions about understanding the purpose of Behavior Consultation and how it can be used to help them reach their goals, clients are able to directly contact our Director of Behavior Quality Assurance.
If clients have questions or concerns regarding their behavior consultation services, available hours and waiver budget, or any other concerns about their services with Partners in Autism, they are able to directly contact our Director of Wavier Services.


​Partners in Autism is an approved Indiana Medicaid Waiver Services Provider. Behavior Consultation Services are funded by the Family Supports Medicaid Waiver or by private-pay. Let us help you navigate Waiver funding! We can help you through the process of obtaining the Waiver. You can email our Wavier Services directly at

Partners in Autism requires coordination of care and will partner with the professionals on your team. Whether it's working with other Waiver Service providers, an Employment Specialist, or an ABA Technician, we want you to reach your best possible outcome!

What to Expect During Behavior Consultation

Getting to know you:

  • Pairing: Before tackling goals, our Behavior Consultants will work to get to know their client as a person and develop a personal, trusting relationship with them, which will lead to better plan development and increased success.

  • Observation: The Behavior Consultant will spend two to three sessions observing the daily life of their client. This will allow them opportunities to see first hand what obstacles are preventing success and determine what strategies can best help overcome those obstacles.

  • Working together: The Behavior Consultant will begin to work alongside the client in their daily activities to determine which methods and strategies are most effective.

  • Creation, implementation, and training on Behavior Support Plan: Once the Behavior Consultant has spent several sessions observing and collecting data, they will begin creating the behavior support plan with the input of the client and the client's support team (all service providers, family members, guardians, or caregivers who support or provide care to the client).


The Behavior Support Plan (BSP):

  • The Behavior Consultant will identify behaviors that will be targeted first and the most effective approach to address these behaviors. As part of the BSP, the Behavior Consultant will determine which replacement behaviors will be implemented and determine how the effectiveness of these replacement behaviors will be measured.

  • The written BSP will be reviewed by the client, their guardians, and their waiver team to ensure that all concerns have been addressed.

  • The Behavior Consultant will begin to implement the BSP. The Behavior Consultant will help their client understand the behavior, explain the most helpful approach to address the behavior, and work hand in hand with their client to accomplish that goal.

  • Once the BSP has been written and approved, the Behavior Consultant will meet with the members of the client’s support team to train them on how to implement the plan. This will ensure that everyone is working together as a team and supporting the client’s goals consistently.

  • While implementing the BSP, the Behavior Consultant will begin to collect data. This data will show the changes in behaviors over time to determine if the plan is working or needs to be adjusted.


Updates and Adjustments:

  • Adjustments: As the BSP is implemented, the Behavior Consultant may find that some small adjustments need to be made to the plan to achieve better results. The Behavior Consultant will discuss these changes with the client and guardians so they understand why the changes are being made and how they will improve the client’s opportunity for success.

  • Updating Behavior Plan: The BSP is a living document, which means it is continuously updated, and will be adjusted and changed as needed as progress is made. At a minimum, the behavior plan will be updated annually.


Working with a Behavior Consultant is an investment of the client’s time and energy to
improve their quality of life. Behavior Consultation is not a short-term service since
behavior does not always change quickly. Some behaviors can take months or even
years to establish true, lasting, and consistent changes across all environments - we make sure that each client feels supported and respected as they work toward their full potential.

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