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Employment Partners Spotlight - July '24

Our clients explore diverse interests and industries, and we have the privilege of working to connect them with employers who will be a perfect fit.

High quality employers appreciate the skills that individuals with diverse abilities have to offer. They know that the inclusion of diverse individuals makes their workplace stronger and more welcoming. They are always open to learning more about how they can help their employees thrive.

We are encouraged by each high quality employer we connect with on behalf of our clients and are excited to see a growing mindset of diversity appreciation in the workplace. We'd like to highlight a few employment partners that we are especially pleased to work with...


Home Goods logo
  • HomeGoods - Accommodating to client's school schedule. Actively collaborated to find which tasks our client enjoyed doing in the warehouse. Clearly and consistently communicated.

Phantom Fireworks logo
  • Phantom Fireworks - A new employment partner with positive attitudes towards those with disabilities, they make sure they feel welcomed and appreciated, and they are willing to carve out jobs as needed.


  • Treasure House - Receptive and responsive to client needs and accommodations, willing to help when clients are struggling with the job.

  • Kroger New Haven - Listens to clients, works with them and helps them advance within the company.

  • Meijer Dupont - Work to carve jobs for clients with disabilities, very understanding and open.


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