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Tommy Guest and Camile Voglewede


We began working in the ABA field while our son was in therapy. We saw a need in the community for an ABA clinic that was more family-focused; an ABA clinic that would fight to keep the child's best interest at heart while respecting the parents/guardians own unique perspective of what is best for their child. Bringing together our experience as parents and our knowledge of the ABA field, we knew we could advocate for individuals and families in a unique way. In 2014, we opened the doors to our ABA center, "Partners in Autism." We are your partner. This road is long and filled with ups and downs that we can understand. Having someone who will provide you with straight answers and efficient routes to services makes all the difference in the world.

260-420-9332 ext. 800 260-420-9332 ext. 801

Tommy Guest and Camile Voglewede
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