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ABA Transitional Classroom

The Best Advantage

To have the best advantage in school, children must develop a range of classroom readiness skills - both academic and social. As parents of a child on the spectrum who transitioned from ABA therapy to a typical classroom at the age of 9, we understand that meeting the demands of a classroom environment can be challenging for the whole family. 

Our ABA Transitional Classroom is intentionally designed to help our clients build those skills so that they can transition smoothly into the routines of a typical academic classroom. 


A Unique Environment
  • Managed by a Licensed Elementary Educator with years of direct experience in the field of ABA and consistent dedication to reaching every learner.

  • Support provided by the same trusted team present during ABA therapy sessions.

  • Classroom routines aligned with customized transition plans.

  • One-on-one assistance from skilled staff who appreciate the unique value in each learner.

What's the Partners Difference?

This classroom itself is a unique resource. No other local providers offer a transition environment built with such intentional forethought and accuracy. This is not just a room with desks - this is a space designed through collaboration between licensed educators and ABA professionals to accurately replicate current typical classroom spaces, routines, and practices.


We understand that each child learns and grows at their own pace, and so our graduation dates are not based on entry dates. They can use our transitional classroom for as long as they need to be truly ready. Even as they move into an outside classroom, we remain involved, supporting you through every part of the transition and even afterwards to ensure that it is successful.


Your child's Behavior Analyst will prepare transition plans well in advance of any transitional changes so that we can ensure that each client is truly ready for the transition. During the transition, our Behavior Analysts will collaborate with school staff to implement appropriate accommodations and advocate for your child's potential. They will also continue to meet with the school staff after the transition to monitor the success of the accommodations and track student progress.

Also Check out our Learning Center

At Partners in Autism, we know that each of our clients is on a unique autism journey, and so we offer two parallel educational pathways to fit your needs: our Transitional Classroom and our Learning Center

ABA Transitional Classroom
  • ​Our ABA Transitional Classroom is a bridge from ABA therapy to a typical classroom.

  • ABA clients work on classroom readiness skills with the goal of transitioning into a typical classroom setting.

  • Focuses on learning typical classroom routines and behavior expectations.

  • Our highly trained staff, directed by an on-site licensed elementary educator, help to clarify the unspoken social expectations of a typical classroom while respecting the dignity and unique needs of each client.

Supported Pathways Learning Center
  • Our Supported Pathways Learning Center is a complete academic environment.

  • Students pursue standard educational benchmarks on par with their general education peers while in a setting designed to accommodate their unique needs.

  • Achieving academic success is the focus.

  • Our highly trained staff, directed by an on-site licensed elementary educator, help to provide accommodations and best-practice supports as students achieve their full academic potential.

ESA Funding

Along with being eligible for the same funding sources as the rest of our ABA therapy, our ABA Transitional Classroom learners may be eligible for ESA funds.

The Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) dollars provide eligible students with access to pre-approved educational services that fit their needs. ESA funds can be used for Supported Pathways Learning Center, ABA therapy (including our ABA Transitional Classroom), and many other Partners in Autism services. Contact us to learn more or let us know how you'd like to use your funding with us!


To apply for ESA funds, visit the ESA application webpage:

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