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Celebrating Family In ABA

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father and son coloring a paper together in the morning before ABA therapy

Family-focused defines who we are. "Family" guides every decision we make because we know that both clients and their families are on a journey of growth together. This togetherness is what makes growth possible.

From Training to Breakfast - Affirmation to Celebration

Sometimes growth and togetherness look like caregiver trainings where you, the caregiver, are able to deepen your understanding of how your child experiences the world. During this one-on-one time with your child's behavior analyst, you can openly celebrate triumphs, discuss barriers, and work towards each new stage of success. You will feel heard and affirmed by people with experience and be equipped to support your child's continued growth.

grandmother using hand-over-hand technique to color with grandson during a break in ABA therapy. An AAC device sits on the table in front of them

Sometimes growth and togetherness look like popping into the clinic - whether you'd like to watch activities your child is doing or have lunch with your child. By coming on site, you as a caregiver can...

  • See your child working on skills

  • Enjoy watching behavior technicians pair with your child

  • Observe as the techniques you are learning in your caregiver trainings are being actively used by behavior technicians

  • Watch your child interact with peers

  • Share time with your child and celebrate them by taking a break together.

But sometimes it's nice to have an extra special moment of togetherness ... like breakfast!

overhead view of donuts and juice boxes

Each year we serve up breakfast and fun for different members of your family on their own day: Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Goodies with Grandparents. Similar to this, we host a couple Sibling Saturdays each year. The categories are as flexible as your family, and the joy is always overflowing.

These breakfasts and sibling days give your child the chance to show off a bit - and rightfully so, they're achieving a lot. They get to show off their personalized space, their work, their art, the activities they've been enjoying the most. They get to welcome the people they love into a significant part of their world. They get to introduce their family to their behavior technicians.

behavior technician, client, and mom enjoy breakfast together before ABA therapy

Your child gets the joy of seeing the different parts of their world connect. On the one side, the staff who engage with their interests and work alongside them to guide their growth. On the other side, members of a family network who deeply love and endlessly support them. Seeing these two sides chat and connect has a lasting affirmative effect ... even if in the moment, your child is just excited about the muffins and coloring pages you're sharing!

Beyond connecting with your child's behavior technician, you, the caregiver, get to connect with other families.

You get to share the joy and pride that you carry for your child with others who understand just what each milestone means. You get to see your child interact with peers. You get to be embraced by an environment that accepts and appreciates your child for exactly who they are. That, we are sure, has a lasting affirmative effect as well!

*For more opportunities to connect with peer families, check out our Family Bowling Social Group!


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