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Value Added: Enriching Workplaces by Supporting Employees and Employers

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Diversity is a value employers can't afford to waste. We're proud to help employers seize that value as we support our clients.

For businesses of every size, diverse insights and skills lead to innovation and resilience. Diversity adds value to the business's products and services.

But knowing how to make the most of diversity isn't always intuitive. Businesses frequently miss out on qualified candidates who could enrich their teams because they are unsure how to successfully accommodate these valuable individuals.

This is where Partners in Autism bridges the gap. We bring together clients and local businesses across diverse industries so that all can benefit (read more about these benefits).

How do we help businesses accommodate employees with diverse abilities?

We begin by taking time to understand the needs and procedures of the business. We appreciate that just as each of our clients is a unique individual, each employer is also unique. We get to know each company's priorities, culture, and current familiarity with accommodation options.

We then provide:

  • Evaluation of current policies and procedures

    • Hiring process

    • Job duty allocations

    • Work flow processes

    • And more...

  • Staff trainings

    • Targeted to the specific needs of the workplace

    • Group or one-on-one

  • ADA trainings

  • Diversity appreciation training

  • Consultation on accommodation planning

    • Tailored to the individual business, not just the industry category

    • Connected to business savvy and sustainability

  • Analysis of investment impact

    • Skill value

    • Retention rate

    • Company culture

    • Customer base

    • Direct incentives

In all of these ways, we help employers see how they can capture value they might have otherwise missed. These consultation services are available to any employer.

If the employer is hiring one of our clients, these services become absolutely free. We do this to celebrate the business's commitment to hiring individuals with diverse abilities. We also believe the value of these added services reflects the value our clients are adding to these businesses.

But don't accommodations take a lot of time, effort, and money?

Many accommodations involve nothing more than mild procedural changes - these changes can also have direct, positive effects for all employees. Other accommodations involve educating colleagues to build understanding and empathy - this is positive for the whole work environment.

Some accommodations do require a financial investment, but we can help companies find ways to cover some or all of these costs. Numerous federal and state credits and other financial incentives are available for businesses who recognize the value in employees with disabilities. Some of these include:

  • Disabled Access Credit

  • Tax Credit

  • Barrier Removal Tax Deduction

Even costs that cannot be directly covered by incentives and credits will be balanced by the benefits that a diverse workforce brings.

How does diversity benefit employers?

  • Increased problem solving

    • A group of individuals with diverse perspectives can generate more innovative solutions. A diverse group will be able to think outside the box, notice gaps in procedures, and anticipate how proposed solutions will impact the full range of potential customers and stakeholders. A diverse group has more lived-experiences to pull from than a group of individuals with similar backgrounds. Individuals who all come from similar backgrounds will likely each tackle a problem from the same angle. But in a diverse group, members can use their unique insights to anticipate a potential problem before it arises or identify solutions others might miss.

  • Increased retention rates

    • When an employer dedicates effort to understanding their employees' needs and accommodating them so that they can flourish, the employees feel valued and respected. From this respect comes loyalty and reliability. Employees who feel that their employer sees them as a whole person will put in their full effort to make the company successful.

  • Clear communication of company values

    • When employees of all abilities are directly and intentionally supported and valued by their employer, it builds a positive work environment for their colleagues as well. Receiving respectful treatment from an employer sets the tone for all interactions within the company. Within this positive environment, colleagues can deepen their understanding of each other's strengths and authentically value each other for their unique contributions to the team.

  • Broadened customer base

    • Increasingly, customers engage with companies based on shared social values. When a company genuinely demonstrates commitment to uplifting diversity, they will attract customers who also hold this value.

Who do we work with?

Our clients included anyone of any ability who would benefit form our employment services as they seek to begin or advance their employment journey. We provide our "value added" consultation and training services for free to any employer who is hiring one of our clients. The same caliber of consultation and training is available for a fee to any employer seeking to improve their business through increased diversity.

We have historically served the counties of...

  • Allen

  • DeKalb

  • Noble

  • Whitley

...And have recently expanded our impact to include clients in...

  • Huntington

  • Wells

  • Adams

Are you an employer interested in strengthening your workforce through diversity inclusion? Start a conversation at


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