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Social Groups

Fun, Casual, Meaningful

We've seen how social interaction and a little extra support can go a long way in enriching one's life. That is why we have created and sponsor multiple social and support groups, most of which are free of charge for our clients and community. 

Our dedicated, trained staff host and facilitate our groups so you ca
n trust that our quality and professional standards are being met even with our free services. 

What's the Partners Difference?

Centered on Client Interest

Our groups are created around client interest. We continually take in client input and evaluate if there is the potential for a sustainable group related to a topic or activity. We also consider staff interest since it is critical that our staff be passionate about the groups they host.

Intentional Skill Development

Our social groups offer relaxed environments where attendees feel affirmed and free to be themselves. At the same time, we intentionally structure our groups so that attendees feel supported as they practice skills. Social settings provide opportunities to practice a wealth of skills. Our trained staff are ready to help attendees navigate social interactions in a positive, dignity focused way.

Free or Low Cost

We know how meaningful it is to be able to access services without navigating financial hurdles. That's why we make sure many of our social groups are free, utilize a funding source you already have, or only require a low cost admission to a community venue. 

Check out our recurring social groups - See what's right for you!

Groups We Host

We are delighted to partner with other community groups by hosting a variety of groups in our building. Reach out to the emails below for more details about each group.

Groups in development

We're always updating our groups based on our clients' interests. If you'd like to hear about our new groups or propose an idea, contact We'd love to connect with you!

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