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Partners in Autism

Family owned - Family Focused

Owned and operated by a family affected by autism, we are part of the same community we serve.​

Services for your Unique Potential

We provide family-centered, dignity-filled services for all stages of life, including:


We serve those with and without autism.

Our Story

Our family's journey with autism began just before our son turned 5 years old...

Our Promise

In each of our services, we are dedicated to:

  • Personalized Service Based on Client Input

  • Teaching Skills Which Clients Value

  • Building Client Agency

  • Collaboration with Individuals Significant to Clients

  • Holistic Support Across All Environments

  • Sustained Growth Through All Life Stages

your community

Partners in Autism is a family-owned, family-focused autism center dedicated to providing quality services for children and adults with a wide range of support needs and diverse diagnoses.

Established in 2014 by a family deeply affected by autism, we treat each of our clients with utmost respect because we are part of the same community and value the unique qualities of each individual.


Beyond providing services to our clients, we partner with local groups to increase understanding and acceptance of autism in the broader community.

Our Vision

We are committed to shaping a community in which diverse individuals are valued and respected while being equipped to pursue their goals and live fulfilling lives as integral members of their communities. We do this by providing compassionate care built on understanding, respecting families and their diverse cultures, and affirming client dignity in all cirsumstances...

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