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My name is Camile.  Along with my husband, Tommy, and our two children, we have navigated through the long and winding road to autism services.  We understand the highs and lows of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and the time and energy it takes to advocate for your loved one.

Our Story

Our family's journey with autism began just before our son turned 5 years old.  Our son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in Oklahoma shortly before we moved to Indiana.  When we arrived in Fort Wayne, we struggled to find help for our son as many families do.  We talked to so many people and were directed to so many different routes for assistance that our heads were spinning.  Throughout the first year here, our son's behaviors began to increase dramatically and we knew that he was going backward in any progress we had made in Oklahoma.  And then the first major worry hit us...we knew he was not ready to go into a typical school.  I remember him asking me when it would be time for him to ride the school bus and dying inside telling him that he will, but never really knowing if he would.  

We desperately needed help, so we signed up for classes to learn about state funding for services (Medicaid Waiver, Disability,...etc.), and in the meantime our son was diagnosed again, this time with "high-functioning autism".  We decided to homeschool, and continued searching for the right ABA center, all the while his behaviors increased.  After two and a half years from his original diagnosis, we finally found an ABA center.  With ABA therapy we began to see a dramatic improvement.  Our son went from screaming, hitting, self-injury,...etc. to transitioning into public school just two short years later!  

During the years while our son was in therapy, both Tommy and I began working in the ABA field.  Tommy became the Director of Operations and I the Marketing Director for an ABA center.  After our son transitioned into school, we made a transition as well.  We saw a need in the community for an ABA clinic that was more family-focused; an ABA clinic that would fight to keep the child's best interest at heart while respecting the parents/guardians own unique perspective of what is best for their child.  In the spring of 2014 we decided that we needed to start our own ABA center.  Having been through it all ourselves as parents, and the combination of our knowledge and contacts in ABA in Fort Wayne, we knew we could advocate for individuals and families in a unique way.  

We started small, providing in-home ABA only.  Five months later, on December 1, 2014, we opened the doors to our ABA center, "Partners in Autism".  We chose this name because we wanted to express our commitment to the families we serve.  We are your partner.  This road is long and filled with ups and downs that we can understand. Sometimes you need someone else to step in and help.  Sometimes you just need someone to listen to what a hard week it's been. We get that. Having someone who will provide you with straight answers and efficient routes to services makes all the difference in the world. 

We are passionate about ABA, because we have seen its success first hand. It is because of ABA that our son was able to transition into a typical school, and not just get by, but excel! I can't tell you how great it felt to drop him off at the bus stop for the first time and see the smile on his face, and how wonderful it feels today to know that the successes he has had are directly related to the knowledge that we gained from ABA. Our son has been successful at many things from regional art competitions, to team sports, and guitar. Years ago, we couldn't see a clear future for him. Now we have new dreams, and so does he as he sets out for college and beyond!  

We know that as your child ages, their needs and your family's needs will change. Ours definitely did! It seemed like one moment we were worried about trying to correct behaviors in the grocery store, and the next we were worried about if he was advocating for himself in school, his choices of friends, and his career path. And so Partners in Autism has put our efforts into providing a range of services and opportunities that will grow with your loved one.
 In addition to ABA, we have added Employment Services, PAC Services, Behavior Consultation Services, and started social groups to further support our clients. To provide for diverse educational needs, we offer both an ABA Transitional Classroom for those moving from ABA therapy to a typical classroom setting and our Supported Pathways Learning Center for those would benefit from receiving education in a small group setting. We are building a Life Skills Program so that clients of all ages can maximize their independence.

We would be honored to help you dream a future with your loved one and be your partner through the ups and downs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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