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From Diagnosis to Services

​We know what it's like to navigate the ins and outs of getting a diagnosis, coordinating finances, and finding quality services and we're here to help with services for all ages and stages.


Use the flow chart above to understand the goals, age ranges, and funding sources of our central services. In addition to this core array of services, learn about our Benefit Analysis, ABA Transitional Classroom, Supported Pathways Learning Center, and free Social Groups.

An accurate diagnosis is important. A misdiagnosis or incomplete diagnosis can prevent you from accessing beneficial care. So we've put together pointers for making sure you get a quality diagnosis. If you are in need of a primary physician who will be able to refer you to a diagnosing physician, contact us for a list of local physicians we can affirm.

Getting a Diagnosis

What should you look for when getting a diagnosis?

Seek a professional with a solid background in autism diagnosis who will provide multiple, diverse assessments. Make sure they are respected by other medical professionals in the autism field.

Have patience when scheduling appointments - it is worthwhile to wait for the analysis of an expert who is highly regarded in the autism field. Your pediatrician or family doctor is not trained in interpreting or verifying the results of assessments.

Why get multiple, diverse assessments?

Each assessment looks for slightly different attributes of autism and uses slightly different methods to measure them. Since autism is a complex spectrum, it's best to use multiple, diverse assessments to see where an individual fits within that spectrum...or if they are on the spectrum at all.

The strength of using multiple assessments to evaluate traits from multiple angles outweighs what any one assessment can do alone. Someone with a respected background in diagnosing autism will be able to evaluate which assessments work well together and know how to weigh the results.

Isn't there just a genetic test?

No, autism is more complex than a single gene or set of genes. It is based on neurological development. 

Where are good places to start in Fort Wayne?

Partners in Autism affirms the following as respected experts in the field of autism diagnosis for the Fort Wayne area: 

The office of Dr. Tasha Williams
Fort Wayne Neuropsychology
4306 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
(260) 460-3203

The office of Dr. Lisa Bergeron
​Developmental Pediatrician
Bowen Center
2100 Goshen Rd, Ste 102, Fort Wayne, IN 46808
(800) 342-5653


The office of Dr. Marla Souder
Pediatric Psychologist
Parkview Health
11141 Parkview Plaza Dr, Ste 210, Fort Wayne, IN 46845
(260) 266-5400

The office of Dr. Amanda Mayle

Clinical Psycologist
Parkview Health

11141 Parkview Plaza Dr, Ste 210, Fort Wayne, IN 46845

(260) 266-5400

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