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Our Facilities

As a family owned company, we strive to provide services for every age and stage of skill development and support. The diversity and specialization of the spaces within our facilities reflect the diversity of the clients we proudly serve.

Personalized ABA Client Rooms

Your child will receive one-on-one therapy in a personalized room. This intimate setting allows us to control the environment based on the needs of the individual and allows them to work toward mastery without distractions. In addition to their private room, your child will engage in social interactions throughout their day in our communal play and dining areas.

Recreational and Pretend-Play area

In the center of our ABA wing is a common pretend-play area where ABA clients build important social skills. Many children on the autism spectrum have difficulty with pretend-play, especially when it comes to sharing their pretend ideas with another child and taking turns. We will guide your child through these interactions as they learn valuable play skills that will allow them to interact with and make friends with peers. Whether they want to play house and cook up a meal, zoom on the tracks with Thomas, or climb on the dome as daring mountain explorer, we've got something for everyone!

ABA Dining Area and living room

In the communal dining area, ABA clients enjoy meal and snack times together. Sitting at a typical dining table, their behavior technicians will be with them throughout their meals and snacks to continue to work on table etiquette and eating skills. This time allows children to talk and share, or simply enjoy the company of their friends while working on specific social goals.


Both the dining area and the living room provide environments for meaningful social interactions. Whether it be learning a new board game, crafting, or practicing conversation skills, we will utilize every teaching moment with the ultimate goal of transitioning newly mastered skills to the home and school environment. 

Sensory Arts Area
Equipped with everything from pipe-cleaners to paint your child will be able to explore their creativity and enjoy sensory-based activities in our sensory arts area. Our behavior technicians are always designing new projects for our clients to try and custom sensory bins for fresh experiences tied to seasons and interests!
Gross Motor Room

Your child will enjoy socializing and playing with their peers in our recreational area. Whether it be swinging from our large platform swing, jumping on the trampoline, crawling through tunnels, or playing ball, they will get plenty of exercise and have fun, all while working through their program goals.

ABA Transitional Classroom

Managed by a Licensed Elementary Educator who has years of direct experience in the ABA field, our ABA transitional classroom is a copy of a place where ABA clients can develop classroom readiness skills. Activities are paced according to each child's abilities and each child is supported by the same team that surrounds them during their ABA therapy sessions, so they each know they will be treated with respect for the unique individual that they are.

Supported Pathways Learning Center

Our comprehensive learning environment provides quality education on-site in a neurodivergent-affirming atmosphere. Students work in small groups with highly skilled, autism experienced instructors to achieve academic success.

Parent Consultation Room

Our Behavior Analysts meet with ABA parents multiple times each month to give updates about their child's progress and to help parents develop skills they can use to support their child at home. This intimate setting also provides a space where parents can discuss issues and brainstorm with professionals, a place where they can feel heard and understood, a space where they can celebrate every victory. 

Life Skills Kitchen

Our fully equipped, residential-style kitchen provides an accurate and natural environment for practicing food-based life skills at all levels of ability. From assembling a no-cook meal to using the stove, oven, and other appliances, we are ready to help clients achieve greater independence and make informed decisions about their meal choices.

Employment Training Room

We continually update the stations in our skill-building training room for our Employment Services clients. We understand that your goals, skill sets, and disabilities are unique, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not in your best interest. We customize our services to your unique needs.

Individual Meeting Rooms

Our Employment Services clients meet one-on-one with their employment specialist in private offices where they can discuss goals, research potential employers, practice interviews, and compose their resume. Employment specialists can also assist clients as they call potential employers to arrange interviews. These are calm, focused spaces where clients can feel comfortable and supported.

Multi-purpose Meeting Rooms

Our multi-purpose meeting rooms are available for our social groups, Safety-Care trainings, CPR certification trainings, meetings with other service providers, and other large meetings.

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