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Supported Pathways Learning Center

Neurodivergent-Affirming Education

This comprehensive learning environment provides quality education on-site in a neurodivergent-affirming atmosphere. Students work in small groups with highly skilled, autism experienced instructors to achieve academic success.

Our learning center provides access to complete education for students for whom small group settings are more beneficial than a typical classroom. Our low student to instructor ratio and the autism-specific training we provide to our instructors create an environment that is flexible, supportive, and neurodivergent-affirming. We are able to offer sensory accommodations that are not feasible in traditional classrooms. In short, our learning center is a place where education is shaped to fit each student's needs, not the other way around.

And not only is the educational environment shaped to fit each student, the class schedule is shaped to fit each family. Students will spend an average of five hours each day in class and have the flexibility to use the rest of the day for ABA therapy, PAC activities, or time with family.

At Supported Pathways Learning Center, your child will:​

  • Pursue appropriate educational benchmarks under the guidance of a Licensed Elementary Educator.

  • Receive small-group instruction and individualized attention from our skilled and highly trained staff.

  • Learn academic content that is aligned with the standards of a general education classroom.

  • Be treated with respect for the unique individual that they are.

What's the Partners Difference?

Autism Specific Training

The learning team is composed of instructors with rich backgrounds in autism and behavior services who are dedicated to respecting the unique needs of students with autism. This team is directly present to support both the student and their family from enrollment to graduation. 

We value each individual as they are because we believe neurodiversity benefits society. We want them to be able to achieve their best and reach their full potential - not fit into a mold. We achieve this by providing greater flexibility than typical schools can.

Small Group Setting

Instructors are assigned to a small group of students. This small group format balances 1-on-1 support with the ability to interact with peers. 1-on-1 support allows us to adjust the pacing of academic material to suit each student's needs and abilities. Peer interaction allows students to develop social skills and gain the benefits of social interactions.

Sensory Accommodations

Sensory breaks and accommodations are integrated into the learning routine. Because of our ability to bring together rich backgrounds in both education and autism services, we can select and provide the most beneficial accommodations for each student. Because of our small group structure, our instructors are able to be directly receptive to students needs at each moment.

Flexible Academic Pacing

We use curriculum specially selected by our on-site Licensed Elementary Educator. The class structure and student progress are also reviewed by our elementary educator to ensure quality education that reflects state standards. We know that even the highest quality curriculum is only useful if it is presented at a pace suitable for each student. Because of our low student to instructor ratio, we are able to adjust curriculum pacing individually for each student and each topic.

Additionally, we do not have strict start and end times to our academic day. Instead, these times are scheduled based on family input. Students attend for up to 5 hours a day but can do less if appropriate. This flexible scheduling allows us to meet each family's needs and routines.

Also Check out our ABA Transitional Classroom

At Partners in Autism, we know that each of our clients is on a unique autism journey, and so we offer two parallel educational pathways to fit your needs: our Learning Center and our Transitional Classroom

Supported Pathways Learning Center
  • Our Supported Pathways Learning Center is a complete academic environment.

  • Students pursue standard educational benchmarks on par with their general education peers while in a setting designed to accommodate their unique needs.

  • Achieving academic success is the focus.

  • Our highly trained staff, directed by an on-site licensed elementary educator, help to provide accommodations and best-practice supports as students achieve their full academic potential.

ABA Transitional Classroom
  • ​Our ABA Transitional Classroom is a bridge from ABA therapy to a typical classroom.

  • ABA clients work on classroom readiness skills with the goal of transitioning into a typical classroom setting.

  • Focuses on learning typical classroom routines and behavior expectations.

  • Our highly trained staff, directed by an on-site licensed elementary educator, help to clarify the unspoken social expectations of a typical classroom while respecting the dignity and unique needs of each client.

ESA Funding

The Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) dollars provide eligible students with access to pre-approved educational services that fit their needs. ESA funds can be used for ABA therapy, including our ABA Transitional Classroom, along with other Partners in Autism services. Contact us to learn more!


To apply for ESA funds, visit the ESA application webpage:

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