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The Partners Difference

Family Owned - Family Focused

Our Mission

Enhancing the lives of diverse individuals by providing compassionate,

client-directed services and supporting them as integral members of our community.

Our People

The people we serve are beautifully diverse, but they all share one thing in common - their immeasurable value as unique individuals.

In our service to them, we commit to the following:

Compassionate Care
  • Compassionate care centers on understanding those we serve. This understanding is both expansive and deep, it is intentional and personal, it is patient and self-reflective.

  • Compassionate care is more than mere niceness. As we serve, we seek to understand the reasons behind a person's actions, behaviors, and attitudes. We take time to educate ourselves about their culture, prior experiences, social supports, health factors, and other influences.

  • We also examine our own biases and work to serve our clients as they wish to be treated, not as we assume they wish to be treated.

Respect for Family
  • Families provide the core support system for our clients and are the keys to their continued success.

  • Families exist in many forms. Family structure and membership are defined by our clients. We intentionally work within each family's culture and are careful not to impose our own expectations or beliefs.

  • By collaborating with the individuals who are central in a client's life, we develop trusting relationships and strengthen the support our clients receive. This in turn amplifies our clients' confidence and sense of stability as they pursue their goals.

Affirmation of Dignity
  • Dignity means we hold our clients in high esteem. We see each of our clients as unique individuals who bring value to our community.

  • We affirm the variety of abilities and goals that our clients possess, and we direct our work according to each client's own goals.

  • Each client deserves to be supported as a whole person, so we work alongside them with understanding and respect as they develop skills, advocate for their needs, and grow into their unique potential.

Our Promise to our Community

It is not enough to equip our clients with skills. True success depends on shaping our community into one defined by acceptance and understanding. To achieve this goal, we promise to uphold two indispensable qualities: 


We believe in the transformative power of community. We believe communities are strongest when they embrace diversity and ensure equity. And so we continually work towards a world in which all people feel they belong.

We do this by ...

  • Celebrating the contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

  • Including diverse voices at all levels of decision making.

  • Creating safe, comfortable spaces for individuals to connect with each other and grow.

  • Advocating for the needs of our clients and of our community.

  • Uplifting each person's right to live a self-directed life.

  • Affirming the immutable value within each person.


We have experienced the enduring, life changing impact of high quality, holistic service in our own lives. We have also witnessed the impact of services that fall short. And so we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients...

  • Know they can depend on us across all stages of their journey.

  • Feel respected and secure, knowing that their goals are our goals.

  • Are served by staff who take deep pride in working alongside them.

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